About Me

I was born to Turkish Cypriot parents in the early 60's in London.

As they struggled to find their way in a strange and freezing cold country, their young family grew.


I knew at an early age that I would be different from all the other girls in my extended family and those I met at school.

More than anything...I needed to be free, autonomous. I had no idea of the price I had to pay to get the freedom I craved.

I have a story to tell.....

My sisters, mum and I sharing a moment

I've done a fair few things in my life.

Here's a short list of the things I'm most proud of:

  • Motorcycle dispatch rider in London in the 80's

  • First of my family to gain university and post graduate degrees

  • Teach in the poorest areas of London

  • Retrain and start a plumbing business in the 90's  

  • Publish my book The Joy of Plumbing

  • Stand up comedy show at Edinburgh Fringe

  • Create the only national company of female plumbers in the world. Stopcocks Women Plumbers

  • Build rainwater harvesting system for village in Kenya affected by AIDS and empower young women to do the same

  • Organise the only national conference for women installers   WIT

  • Gain recognition in 2020 Honours List, M.B.E for Services to Women in the Heating and Plumbing Industries

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